Image Usage

Thank you for your interest in the Four Seam Images archive, the only archive that brings a vast collection of minor league, collegiate, and high school baseball prospects imagery to the web for easy access by trusted clients!  If you are an editor looking for the best source of images around in minor league and amateur baseball, you've come to the right place.  Please contact us for more information on how you can gain access to over 500,000 rare images for your publication, or for any assignments that our photographers can surely help with.  

Please note, there is absolutely NO UNPAID USAGE.  Access granted to bonafide media outlets only.

Terms & Conditions:
Any unauthorized use of photos from Four Seam Images and all related sites is not permitted and a violation of international copyright laws. Any unapproved usage will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.  This includes but is not limited to use in:

* Magainzes
* Books
* Newspapers
* Electronic Media
* Videos
* Slideshows
* Personal or Commercial Services on the internet
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* Any and all future devices

Who is allowed access to the images?
ONLY bonafide media will be allowed access to the archive.
Can you email me a photo?

No, absolutley nobody will be emailed any images, no free usage/images.

It's not letting me download?

If you're not a bonafide and approved media client you're not allowed access.

Need a photo ASAP for (paper, magazine, etc)

Please contact us with your budget, we will never trade images away for "credit".